Sohan sees a lot of room for improvement

In the first game of the tri-nation series PakistanLost by 21 runs Bangladesh. As a result of this loss, the start of the series was not good for the Tigers. At the end of the match, the team captain, Nurul Hasan Sohan, expressed his regret.
Regular Captain Shakib Al Hasan As there was none, Bangladesh led by vice-captain Sohan took the field against Pakistan. Tiger captain Sohan won the toss and sent Pakistan into the battlefield. Bangladesh was bowling well in the beginning. But in the end, thanks to the pacers’ bowling, Pakistan got a battle capital of 167 runs. Bangladesh was never at ease when it got going. In the end, the team’s innings stalled at 146 runs in 20 overs. At the end of the match, captain Sohan burned with regret because he couldn’t improve something.

Sohan said in the press conference after the game. “We have to improve on many points. The World Cup is also just around the corner, So we have to improve in several areas, which will also help us in the World Cup. Things don’t always go the way you want in the T20. We need to improve on some points by understanding the race conditions and preparing for such conditions in advance.”

In addition, Sohan also praised the batters. he said After 2 quick wickets, Liton and Afif struck a good combination. But within 3-4 overs we lost 4 wickets. I think that’s where the difference is made. If we could have done a little better there, the story might have been different.’

But while the bowlers are doing well, Sohan still sees some room for improvement in small areas. he said “Our pacers are working hard. Some places are even trying to improve. Everyone is trying to bowl well and trying to improve in the areas where they need to improve. In general, our bowlers are definitely trying to do well, but there is room for it.” improvement.’

Bangladesh did not have a good start to the tri-nation series. Photo: bdcricktime

Sohan wants to get to the World Cup by getting better everywhere. Maybe the team can do something good at the World Cup, he hopes. He said, The wicket was good in today’s game. Bowling needs improvement in some areas. to beat, Lytton, Rabbi, they have done well. We lost 2-3 wickets in the middle overs. If we can improve in some places like this, Insha Allah we will get the results at the World Cup.’


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