Sourav Ganguly could do something big

Sourav Ganguly has been the chairman of BCCI for the last 3 years and he did not get the chance to be elected chairman of BCCI for the second time. Former Indian pacesetter Roger Binny sits down in his chair. Sourav had to resign from the position of chairman of the board because of politics – such a discussion is heard. However, Arun Dhumal, the current treasurer of the Indian administration, denied this.

Meanwhile, Saurabh said in his speech that he is now thinking of something bigger. While he has not clearly stated that he will be making a decision in the near future, he said he is considering moving in a direction other than the position of administrator. Captain of the Indian cricket team, after the BCCI president, which direction is he going? What does Sourav Gangopadhyay’s birth chart say? Knowing that, we approached astrologer Abhishek Kedia. See what his horoscope says about Sourav.

Before we talk about the future of Sourav Ganguly, you should first see what his horoscope says, how the planets and stars are in his birth chart. Sourav Ganguly was born in Leo and his sign is Taurus and birth star is Rohini. Venus, Saturn and the Moon are in the 10th house in his career position i.e. Saurabh Rashi. Thanks to Leo, Libra in the third house and his lord Venus who occupied the tenth house, Sourav Ganguly was successful in building a career in the sports world.

Chandra is exalted in the sign of Saurabh and lord of Venus. That’s why they can’t control his emotions too much and that’s why Saurabh is always outspoken. He expressed his thoughts without hiding anything. Moon position also makes Saurabh very emotional. Moon and Sun’s position also made him a big name in the cricket world. Sourav Ganguly was also a successful captain of the Indian cricket team due to the strong influence of the sun. But Mars is in a weak position in its Kundali. The unfavorable position of Mars makes him easily irritated. Due to the influence of the red planet, he faces many controversies in his life.

Sourav is currently under the influence of Saturn dasa and Mercury retrograde, forcing him to resign from the BCCI presidency. Now he must prepare for a struggling innings ahead. Looking at Sourav’s birth chart, it seems that Sourav Ganguly may become an active member of a political party next year. Or may also be involved in ICC management. But even here he will not be able to last long due to controversy. Between 2023 and 2024, the government may honor him and he may receive a major post. But the band of controversy with him is not broken.

The placement of Mars in Saurabh Gangopadhyay’s horoscope is not very favorable, in which case he may have accidents. It is important that Sourav is careful with this. Some internal affairs may also keep the former captain of India under tension.

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