‘Stars don’t like getting married? They’re people too!’

Actor Misha Saudagar is one of the most popular actors in Bangladesh. He occupies the villain’s seat in the country’s movies on his own for decades. Busy shooting for several movies, this popular actor recently started his journey in web series as well. Plus, dozens of his movies are in the works. He spoke with Ittefaq about the Shakib Khan-Bubli issue along with these issues. interviewed AM Rubel

I would like to know about current employment engagement –

Now (yesterday) Saiful Islam Mannu is shooting for a film yet to be completed. After that, I will shoot the movie ‘Ahare Jiban’ by Chotaku Ahmed. I will participate in Rayhan Rafi and Iqbal’s film in early November. In December I am working on Aryan’s film and in January on Malek Afsari’s film. The shooting of several films is also underway, including ‘Revenge’, ‘Agun’ and ‘Behind the scenes. In addition, a number of films are still awaiting release. In addition, my first web series ‘If I Live Live’ recently appeared. There is talk of a new series Bioscope. If I like the story character, I will too.

The first web series of your career has been released. How many expectations are fulfilled?

As a debut work, it received a great response from the public. Hopefully, I can present better work in the future.

In addition to films, he worked in OTT. How much difference between the two media?

In fact, no other medium can match cinema. The film passes through a censor. But since there is no censorship in OTT, there is room for experimentation with any content. Most importantly, OTT is working on all kinds of content, I would say OTT is a platform for all kinds of talented artists to engage with. OTT is the platform where real artists come from. But movies for people of face value.


So what do you mean by OTT, who are the real artists making their workspace?

Yes of course. OTT is a boon for those who are really good actors and actresses but were not given job opportunities due to lack of roles in movies. Story-focused working is becoming increasingly popular in OTT. This gives them the opportunity to equal themselves.

Many say that if our films are released in OTT as well as in other countries, the film crisis will be solved to some extent. What do you think?

No no I don’t think so. Because two are two mediums. The movie is Akash. No one’s permission is required, you just need to cut the ticket and see it. But you should subscribe to OTT and take the time to see it. The people in our country are not yet familiar with this medium. OTT cannot be supported by movies. I think ‘Shaan’, ‘Paran’, ‘Hawa’ movies have played a useful role in solving the crisis.

‘Shaan’, ‘Paran’, ‘Hawa’ gave a glimpse of Sundin. But what is your advice in this sequel?

More such films should be donated to the public. It’s not just about enjoying a movie. The production of some, the story of some and the acting or songs of some can touch the hearts of the audience. Only the audience can tell which aspect of a movie they like. If the makers can bring out all the qualities that a family has in them and release them on a beautiful day, then the audience will certainly not be disappointed. In addition to journalists, film experts should express reasonable criticism.

There are various discussions and critiques going on about Shakib-Bubli. Do you think it has a negative effect on the personal image of artists?

It’s their personal matter. In addition, there will be rumors about the stars. They have accepted their marriage and children. Still, there doesn’t seem to be much to criticize. The stars will not love-marry? They are people too! Artists can make mistakes too. But it’s better if it’s at an acceptable level. It can be said, why did they bring up the relationship after so long! Can hide wife and children due to career needs or personal reasons. What is wrong with that?

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