Sukumar Roy said complicated things with a smile

Seemingly a fantasy world of writing, which is easy to read and laugh out loud. But the discussion says that even after a century, these lines are still very relevant in today’s society. Not only these lines, but he also wrote for us centuries ago the reality under the guise of such humor. His name is Sukumar Roy, today is his birthday. From 1887 to 1923, a better calculation makes the intermediate period 35 years 10 months 10 days. That’s when we got him, but what he gave to society and literature at that time is still relevant and interesting even after a century.

He remained on several occasions as a children’s writer in Bengali literature. However, every line is written in its fun rhythm, and every fun rhyme has a lot of socio-political ideas and thoughts that keep coming up in the discussion. Some say he explained the hard facts in a simple way, hiding the true meaning of society in the lines of seemingly seen children’s poetry. Sukumar Roy was ahead of his time for a long time.

Krishnarup Chakraborty researched Sukumar Roy. He worked for a long time on Sukumar Roy and his children’s literature, why and from what ideas he wrote a timeless play. In his words, “It is no exaggeration to say that Sukumar Roy changed the face of children’s literature. Sukumar could not see any books published during his lifetime, when Abol Tabol was published by ‘U Roy and Sons in 1923, Sukumar could not see even this in his published state. He could only see the mulatto and the press copy. Krishnarup is the first research work on Sukumar Roy, he is the first biographer of Sukumar. According to him, not only because he did research works, but overall he thinks that Abol Tabol in the story, Haj Baral in the story, and Chalchitta Chanchari in the drama are his best. researched Sukumar Roy and his writing extensively.

According to Krishnarup, “Sukumar Roy is an artist who, in a word, is unique in his character, in his own artistic world of composition and in his use of language. Ekak.” The multifaceted thought of Sukumar Roy, which he in fact inherited. According to Krishnarup, Upendra Kishore is the head of the family, where the door of the spirit opens from an early age. He instilled immense enthusiasm in the minds of the children of the house so that they can develop.

Humor is created with the inconsistencies of society. But while there is a lot of humor in Sukumar’s literature, no sarcasm or pinching attitude emerges from this incongruity. A pure smile can be found in all his writings. How did Sukumar find the images of the strange animals in several places? This is the question of many. According to researcher Sukumar, the images of various animals in our mind, further, the author created laughter by drawing inconsistency from the real environment.

In Sukumar’s writings, there is always a feeling, where there is courage, there is competition. To be ahead of its time. Sukumar’s childhood courage is forever reflected in his literature. Behind the humor of Sukumar’s literature was his character, otherwise, all the laughter in his writings would have turned into fazlami.

Referring to Sukumar Roy’s writings, ‘Science and Nonsense’, Debashish Mukhopadhyay says, ‘Only two books – ‘Abol Tabol’ and ‘Ha Ya Bar La’ – have made Sukumar Roy an everlasting favorite of Bengalis. 46 major poems ‘Abol Tabol’ is a poem by O Khan Satek, another book is ‘Ha Ya Bor La’ which is the name of an elaborate humorous story. Are Bengalis just overwhelmed reading the poems or stories from these two books which is why they are so popular? Sure, but other than that.

And one of the reasons, many “ideas” and proverbial words came into the lives of Bengalis from this book. ‘Sukumar Roy’ didn’t let the Bengali forget his usage. Hansjaru, Gomphuchuri, Ganer Gunto, Shabdkalpadrum, Khuror Kal, Ramgarur, Gechodada, Age. – Increment without decrease – these many phrases are used not only in word of mouth but also in book titles, newspaper titles, film dialogues, lines of poetry. As a result, Sukumar becomes inevitable in our daily life. But to be honest, Sukumar was never that kind of poetry or literary practice in the beginning. He was interested in Gurugambir and “serious” articles. Rati. Apart from two or three poems published in the magazine ‘Mukul’ during his childhood, his important article was published in the magazine ‘Pravasi’ on Indian painting.

He was then 22-23 years old. At this time, intellectual circles in Calcutta were divided over Indian and European industrial methods. He leads an argument against Bagha artists and literary critics like Ardendrakumar Bandyopadhyay, Abanindranath Tagore. Writing an essay on the art of photography. At the same time, he said, “Sukumar Roy is one. The only alternative to Sukumar in Bengali nonsense literature is Sukumar Roy.”

Composer, lyricist, director Anindya Chattopadhyay. Regarding Sukumar Roy, he said, “Sukumar Roy is one of the leading writers in Bengali language literature. He died very early. Besides his writing, he is also a collaborative artist. If he had not painted the images, we might not have understood Abol Tabol like that. His writing and drawing are all from family values ​​and practices. Sukumar Roy brought ‘Khayal Ras’ to the Bengali language, no one has it done in the Bengali language before.

But the original character of his writing, humor, is related to our lives. Chanchari is like a Bengali program to grow up. He also said, “Sukumar’s writing always reflects the time and the passage of time. It is natural for any great writer. In his writing, what appeared centuries ago is just as relevant today. Not to be forgotten.”

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