Task Manager shortcuts are back in Windows 11

Microsoft has finally brought the Task Manager shortcut back to the Windows taskbar. This feature is currently available in the “Preview Build 25211” update of the Windows Insider Program.

Users connected to the update in the ‘Dev Channel’ of the Windows Insider program will find a new option to right-click on the taskbar after updating to ‘Preview Build 25211’. This allows him to get to the task manager faster than before.

While this isn’t the only feature introduced in the latest update, tech site Verge called it the most surprising feature. It also comes with some bug fixes. However, the user should be careful about some of these things.

As reported by Verge, this update has only been rolled out to the ‘Dev Channel’. As a result, Windows Insider customers using the “Beta Channel” or various “Release Preview” builds of Windows will not be affected.

Some of the relatively notable updates in “Preview Build 25211” include:

Various behaviors of the ‘Widgets’ board can now be customized. The user can now choose whether the widget board is launched when the mouse pointer is hovered over it. Whether to display notification badges from taskbar widgets or scroll updates to users.

The Task Manager can now be opened by right-clicking on the taskbar. The ‘Sniping Tool’ now automatically saves screenshots.

The new feature also brings a number of bug fixes, but also comes with a few known caveats. Several “interdependent” “Win32” apps cannot be uninstalled or repaired on a computer that has this update installed. Basically, it means that the user cannot uninstall the ‘Steam client’ or many games running on Steam.

This bug is quite common in Windows Insider builds. So Verge advises users not to panic just yet.

Since Microsoft started supporting several native ‘Win32’ apps, it has grown in popularity among app developers who want more customization and control over their apps. It’s not just game makers on this list. The list of games and applications that depend on Win32 is growing day by day. As a result, several limitations of this build are considered a nuisance, according to the Verge report.

While the way to open the taskbar without pressing “Control+Alter+Delete” sounds tempting, Verge recommends that you don’t install this update right away. Because updating to Windows Insider can be a bit tricky without affecting important apps or documents.

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