Teaching is not just a profession, but a vow – an opinion

Teachers are nation builders. In the words of poet Rabindranath: ‘Education should be a resource that gives us not only information, but also truth; That not only provides fuel, but also fire.’ “Teacher” is a word that conjures up images of integrity, wisdom, endless sacrifice, values, idealism, inspiration, purity, altruism. The student-teacher relationship is one of the best in the world. The poem ‘Teacher’s Dignity’ by poet Kader Newaz is read by almost everyone. How high and honorable the status of a teacher can be is beautifully displayed in this poem. The gap between the student-teacher relationship in the previous era, especially in the twentieth century, and the current student-teacher relationship is huge! Now there are many complaints against many teachers about intimidation of students, various irregularities, less teaching in the classroom and taking an interest in coaching education, question papers, sexual abuse! Fake certified teachers are now seen in this society! It is an embarrassment to the entire educational community. Teaching is not just a profession, but a vow. This profession is a bit different from all other professions. Because any loss in this profession due to lack of proper action, planning and foresight has a silent effect on the whole education system.

Only a teacher can initiate the student in the right way with the acquired training, knowledge and experience. The relationship between student and teacher should essentially be parental and friendly. A report from Education Watch shows that more than half of students no longer think that teachers are ideal. This is very bad news! A good relationship between students and teachers can solve the problems and problems in the education system.

Some recent incidents have shown how helpless the teachers who are currently the experts at building people are. Incidents such as insulting and torturing teachers sometimes make headlines. Insulting, slandering and raising hands on teachers is a disgrace to us as a nation. Of all the professions in this society, teaching is a relatively respectable, idealistic and honest profession. The question arises why Utpal Kumar Sarkar, a teacher at Haji Yunus Ali School and College in Ashulia, Savar, should die at the hands of his students? Narail Sadar Upajlo Mirzapur United College Acting Principal Swapan Kumar Bishkesh Why wear a shoe chain? Munshiganj science teacher Hriday Chandra Mandal’s science class discussion on religion, why should the teacher go to jail for misunderstanding? Rajshahi University Law Department Professor Begum Asma Siddika Why Bullying in the Classroom?

Why should the primary school principal be beaten by the office? One insult after another to the education community is ominous to the nation. Punishing one or two criminals will not change the situation, but society as a whole must change. There is no substitute for education to become a good citizen. But not everyone gets a good education. It’s time to think about whether students study to gain knowledge or simply to pass and get a certificate. A teacher chose the teaching profession only by gaining respect, despite a lower salary than in other countries. If that honor is towed, the talented will lose interest in the teaching profession.

I know why it seems like reading textbooks and real life is disappearing! Degradation of values ​​in society! Not only material development, but also mental development, the foundation of the nation is not strong. A lie must be called a lie and the truth must be called the truth. Now students are spending more time with devices. Mobile is the only means of entertainment! Family ties are diminishing! There was a time when the teacher was considered the most respected person in society. If the teacher is seen even outside the classroom, the student’s head bows reverently. Where has that honor gone?

A class student commits the crime of misbehaving, insulting and humiliating the teacher. Incidents such as expulsion of students for misconduct by teachers and educational institutions are now becoming more frequent. I know why it seems like students are a little too busy, impatient and impatient right now! At the school level, the discipline of students has decreased somewhat! Abuses by students will not be tolerated. Society is going through a change. There was a time when teachers were seen as fathers. And now many students don’t even have the seat next to their father assigned to the teacher. Teachers were above all in terms of respect, knowledge and dignity. There was a fear of the teacher, a fear that was really out of respect. I think it is very relevant to put into practice the letter that the 16th President of America Abraham Lincoln wrote to the director of his son’s school in today’s reality. The last part of the letter to the teacher was written: ‘Be kind to my son, but don’t give in. Because steel is pure by fire. May my child not have the courage to be impatient, may he have the patience to be brave…” If everyone understood the importance of this letter, society would change quickly.

“Bangladesh Secondary Education Institutions Pradhan Parishad” is committed to protecting the rights and dignity of teachers. Since its founding on October 10, 2020, the organization has been committed to teacher rights and quality education. Through various activities including meetings, seminars and teacher bonding at central, departmental, district and upazila levels, the organization has already gained wide recognition as a favorite organization of the teachers association across Bangladesh. It is the need of the hour to implement the organization’s five-point logical requirements, including providing sixth grade to private high school principals, seventh grade to co-principals, and providing full festival bonuses such as the senior teachers of government schools. To get quality education, quality teachers and the best students in the country must be brought into the teaching profession.

The introduction of individual pay scales for teachers has become a necessity for quality education. If the teaching profession is respected and a reasonable salary structure is introduced, the quality of education will also increase. 90 percent of high school students still attend private schools. To build a better Sonar Bangla of the father of the nation’s dream, high schools should be nationalized and government facilities should be provided to marginalized areas. To achieve the 17 goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 AD and to build a developed country by 2041 AD, there is no alternative to building skilled human resources through quality education. The country is entering the era of a new curriculum in the field of education. Students with ICT knowledge are most needed to face the coming fourth industrial revolution. We hope that the new curriculum will play a leading role in building skilled human resources.

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