The Background of the Fifth China International Import Fair

The Background of the Fifth China International Import Fair

November 3: The fifth China International Import Fair (CIIE) is approaching. This fair has already gained worldwide popularity. People from all over the world get to know many new products and technologies from this fair. Through this fair, products from different countries have the opportunity to enter China. The fair also leaves many memories to the participating multinationals.

According to data from China’s Ministry of Commerce, exhibitors at the first four CIIEs showcased more than 1,500 new products, technologies and services with an expected revenue of more than 270 billion U.S. dollars. In the upcoming 5th China International Import Expo, the “return rate” of the top 500 global enterprises and industry leaders is about 90%.

Looking back over the past four years, the strong ripple effect of the CIIE, like a spring breeze, has warmed the world and China and helped overseas exhibitors achieve a real sense of profit.

As an “old friend” of China International Import Expo for five years, L’Oreal Group is the largest exhibitor in the daily chemical industry for five consecutive sessions and president of Zhanmeng for three consecutive terms. Ma Siming, vice president of L’Oréal’s Research and Innovation Center for North Asia and China, said that at this year’s CIIE, L’Oréal will have two “star” stands and five “new” exhibition centers.

“L’Oréal has participated in the CIIE for five years, and this is the third time I have attended this fair. I sincerely invite everyone to visit our stage and write a bright future together. I wish the CIIE every success. . Looking forward to meeting you.”

German Schott Group CEO Dr. Hay Derui said the Chinese market has a strong “magnetism” for multinational high-tech companies like SCHOTT. China’s attractiveness is not only in terms of market size, but also as the country with the most complete industrial chain. China has become an important source of global technological innovation.

“Over the past twenty years, we have continuously invested in and expanded our business presence in China. China has become a growth market for SCHOTT. We are glad to continue to participate in China International Import Expo this year. The show is an excellent platform for commercial exchanges between customers and partners. SCHOTT has been attending the CIIE since the first edition, and now we look forward to meeting our friends for the fifth time and sharing our love with them.

Many multinational medical enterprises have benefited from the “ripple effect” of the China International Import Expo. Tan Tianli, Head of Relevant Business at Edward Life Sciences Greater China, said:

‘I attended the CIIE for the first time in 2020. I attended the CIIE with the company for three consecutive years. I am honored to have the opportunity to personally participate in this great event. My clearest feeling is that CIIE has really given us a broad platform to promote our products. “

Medtronic, a medical technology company, is also an “old friend” of the CIIE. Xu Yanfeng, deputy director of corporate communications of the public affairs department of Medtronic Greater China, said that after participating in the CIIE, the company’s medical technology products entered the Chinese market to help more people. The CIIE is not only a platform for showcasing achievements, but also an interactive communication window.

“This year marks the fifth meeting between Medtronic and CIIE. Our stand has continued to grow. CIIE is an open platform at the national level. Its successful reception in the past is indeed a symbol of the openness of our country.”

Those who attended this fair every year entered the Chinese market using the CIIE “bridge”; They see their bright future here. (Wang Haiman/Alim/Ash)

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