The impact of modern technology on emotions

Addiction to technology and the internet is known as “digital addiction” in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. There are three types of digital addiction: telephone, Internet and social networks. They have a severe impact on people’s emotions and feelings. It also affects religious practices and moral life.

The impact of modern technology on life is discussed below

The desire for rewards and rewards: Humans naturally want to be admired. With the use of modern technology, people are eager to get more likes and profits.

Acceleration: With the touch of technology, people now want to accumulate more experience in less time. An experience that takes 25 to 30 years to acquire, few want or claim to be so mature.

Interest in innovation: People naturally want to see something new, and want to get it. Modern technology, especially social media, brings something new every 15 seconds.

laziness: Various technologies, including social media, are used with the swipe of a finger. It doesn’t take more effort than that. This tendency creates laziness and apathy.

Extreme desire to be amazed and overwhelmed: People like to see incredible things. Technology has multiplied this desire of the human spirit. People can now see all the amazing things in the world in one sitting.

The desire for praise and admiration: People want to hear praise from others. Appreciation that could not have been received in a lifetime now comes very quickly. A deluge of ‘Subhanallah’, ‘Al-Hamdulillah’ flows with the posting of a photo. He was shocked by this.

Interested in making you ‘look beautiful’: People want to look good. Modern technology has now relegated people to the race for “artificial beauty”.

passion for color: In the age of technology, people’s bodies and minds have been colored. People make themselves colorful by using colorful colors.

assert one’s superiority: People want to make themselves taller; But does not work. In the age of technology, people pretend to be “big”, even if they are short in real life.

greed for money: Tech junkies want to make money without hard work. The time spent on technology could have made more money in real life. But he wants to sit down and make some money. Some even use digital cheats for this.

Reckless mentality: People want to be completely independent in a life dependent on technology. He doesn’t want anyone calling for forgiveness or interfering with his work.

No fear of being dishonored: Many people use social networks by changing their names, using pseudonyms. He is not afraid to do a forbidden act. As a result, one can easily upset someone, deceive or fall in love with someone. There is no fear of infamy.

Celebrity addiction: People addicted to technology want to be known overnight. You want to go viral and do weird things to get more likes, and comments.

Attract people’s attention: In the age of social media, people do their best to catch others’ attention.

Search Trends: People want to know. But tech addicts are always on the lookout for other people’s secrets. He is always looking for something.

Libido: In a life dependent on technology, people seek nudity in the name of entertainment and slowly the libido starts to grow strongly in them.

Being creative: To be creative and creative, people addicted to technology do various tricks. He wants to be “creative” by lip-synching or acting with other people’s songs, lyrics and works.

Environmental and Environmental Impacts: Humans are always influenced by the environment. People addicted to technology are more influenced by others, and they start doing what they see, and who they see doing. There is no end to desire and desire.

A life of aimless wandering: A technological life has no purpose, just a waste of time. The purpose of life is to pass the time by seeing the unknown, sometimes entertaining, sometimes beautiful, sometimes exciting scenes. These people get used to a kind of wandering life.

The mentality of comparing everything with others: People addicted to technology like to compare everything with others. Always please others. Sees others as ideals for himself. But he doesn’t get a chance to assess his own happiness and accomplishments.

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