Tollywood celebrities react to the disappearance of late director Sudipto Chattopadhyay

Just as the city of Kolkata was dazzled by the lights of Diwali, darkness descended upon the world of entertainment. Director Sudipto Chattopadhyay died in his sleep on Tuesday. A life was lost in silence. Sudipta Chatterjee, whose hand made ‘Khas Khabar’ a place on the television screen at one time, whose hand sparkled new programs one after another on DD 7, Sudipta Chatterjee died of a heart attack in his sleep at the age of 59.

Filming for his latest film “Meghna Jamuna” was scheduled to begin on October 26. Where actor Saheb Bhattacharya was supposed to play. When contacted by Sangam daily digital, he said, “I can’t think. There was a lot of talk about the picture that day. What does it say about my character? J ‘ve been looking forward to working with such a great director. Very bad news indeed. I can’t agree.”

Sudeepta was director Shibaprasad Mukhopadhyay’s mentor. Shivprasad’s career started hand in hand with Sudiptar. Shivaprasad told Sangam Pratid Digital, “I learned screenwriting from the work of Sudipta Chatterjee. My first work with Sudeep Chatterjee was in a Hindi series called ‘Mujhe Aye Gussa.’ This series was made keeping in mind the life of Sajal Barui. That’s where I started working with him. I worked as an assistant. In short, he is my grandfather, my guardian, my friend and well sure my mentor. I also did another series called “Ghum Nei” with Sudipta Chatterjee.

It was a very important work. This series was based on the life of Guru Dutt. The work was for Doordarshan. After that, we We also wrote scripts for several movies together. Among which I worked in a movie called ‘Lajja’. The director was Sudiptadai. Of course, the work of this movie remained incomplete. The subject of the movie was very important in the context of today’s times. ‘Lajja’ told the story of a boy we are transgender. I was in the lead role, Seema Biswas was my mother. Sudiptada also made a Hindi film titled “Pankkh” based on this story. After that, we worked together on a movie called “Birth, Death, Marriage”. But not just movies or screenplays, the television reality game started in the hands of Sudeep Chatterjee. Together we did a show called “Gun Point” on DD7. When DD 7 started, 7 shows were produced by him. From 1994 to 1996 I did a lot of work with him. It was an important chapter in my career.

The last time we spoke was in September. After the death of Sudipta’s mother. By moving to Mumbai, the distance increased. However, we spoke little, we talked about work. All of Sudipta Chatterjee’s work has not been fully seen by the Bengali film industry. It’s very unfortunate. Even, we couldn’t rate Sudipta Chatterjee properly. It’s a big mistake.”

Shivprasad also said, “Working in Hindi almost three centuries ago in Calcutta. Sudiptada was one of those who did it for the National Network. He made a series with Hema Malini called ‘Naam Goom Jaega’ , at a time when working for National Network was like making Hindi movies today Watching movies, developing a sense of cinema, creating an idea of ​​world cinema, without Sudeep Chatterjee these things wouldn’t have happened in my life.

Along with expressing her grief on social media, actress Sudipta Chakraborty told Sanbad Pratid Digital, “Not only Khas Khabar, I also worked in three series with Sudipta Chatterjee. A few months ago, he m called and said, I’m doing a movie, there’s a character for you. I asked to listen to the script. He said he would show. But it didn’t happen anymore. I I heard that he had started working on a film.” Director Subrata Sen and actress Devleena Dutta also expressed their grief over the death of director Sudipta Chatterjee on social media.

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