Tourist harassment, cutthroat trade in Cox’s Bazar

Tourists who come to Cox’s Bazar on vacation for several days in a row are harassed in various ways. During the day, the sea is filled with joy and noise, but in the evening and at night, the owners of the hotel restaurant catch the thirsty travelers.

The tourist police and the beach officials of the district commissioner are known to make every effort for the safety of the tourists, but the hotel restaurant owners do not comply with anything. This time, the hotel and restaurant owners announced that tourists will have the option to stay and eat for half the price. But with the influx of tourists, a class of greedy owners themselves broke their promise.

On Friday evening, the executive magistrate of the district administration appeared and imposed a fine of Tk 30,000 after receiving a complaint about additional rent in Abhisar residential hotel at Lavani Point in Sagarpar. Seeing the influx of tourists, the restaurant owners have gone into business. Without rice, sea coral (fake coral) costs 250 to 300 taka per specimen. If you order Rupchanda sitting at the dinner table there is no problem, the bill for children and teenagers is a whopping five hundred rupees per head. The restaurant owners have been given the opportunity to speak loudly about the 22-day ban on boats entering the sea. So they take high prices from the tourists by talking about the food of fish.

Meanwhile, residential hoteliers have pledged to cut room rents by 60 percent. But with the exception of a few hotels, all owners of residential hotel cottages collect room rent from tourists, ranging from 5000 to 12 thousand taka. Still, the staff regularly come to Cox’s Bazar and visit the coral island of St. Martin, the rocky beach Inani, Himachari, Ramu Buddhist Vihar and Maheshkhali Adinath Temple.

A tourist couple said they had come to Cox’s Bazar for a few consecutive vacation days. It feels good to see the sea. However, the hotel charged more in the restaurant. Which is beyond our control. I bring money from home to Bikash and leave for Dhaka.

Owners of hotels, motels and guest houses have been known to struggle for several days in a row with the increased pressure from tourists on vacation.

Speaking to the concerned people, it is known that most of the hotels and guest houses were booked until October 10th. More than 100,000 tourists have come to Cox’s Bazar.

The hotel owners denied the charge of stealing more money and said the number of people has increased more than the capacity of hotels and motels. Book every room, then there is no question of taking more money.

Deputy Commissioner of Cox’s Bazar. Mamunur Rashid said, we have tourist safety information centers at every point. When tourists suddenly become ill, doctors are there to give them first aid. In addition, our lifeguards and sea guards work for the tourists who come to the sea to bathe. Magistrates are working to prevent harassment of tourists. The tourist police of Cox’s Bazar has taken extra security measures.
In addition to security, various service activities have been undertaken, according to the tourist police, including first aid, information service, drinking water system. For the safety of tourists, separate watchtowers have been placed at different points of the beach. They are always alert to avoid any untoward incident.

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