Treated like a phenomenon, Pantanal ends far from historic audience success

Wetland is ending this Friday (7th) with the status of a phenomenon of widespread backlash, with ample space in all Globo’s programming and even present in speeches by politicians. In recent months, the life of the residents of José Leôncio’s (Marcos Palmeira) farm has been on the lips of Brazilians and the audience for Globo’s night band has increased. However, the plot is far from the result of the station’s historical successes.

Data obtained by TV News indicate that Pantanal reached 30 points off the average in the PNT (National Television Panel), an indicator that shows the ratings of the country’s 15 largest metropolitan regions.

In São Paulo, Brazil’s main advertising market, the serial has an overall average of 29.6 points, and 32 points in Rio de Janeiro. The data is from the premiere to the last Wednesday (5), but the total number doesn’t change much with the performance of the last two chapters.

Brazil Avenue (2012), one of Globo’s latest crowd pullers, finished with an average of 41.5 points in the national market. With the result, Pantanal is also behind A Dona do Pedaço (who finished 34.1 points in 2019), but knows the result of plots like Um Lugar ao Sol (22 average points in 2021/2022) and O Sétimo Guardian (27.6 points). average points in 2018/2019).

Change in audience

About seven years ago, a nine-hour run that fell below 30 was considered a huge failure. In that not-so-distant time, television didn’t have such fierce competition with streaming platforms. If Pantanal had been screened during that period and ended with the same average, it would have become your average soap opera, neither success nor failure.

However, for Globo’s 2022 parameters, the remake is worth a gold medal. According to sources in the report, one of Pantanal’s main achievements is the re-warming of prime time, which has been around since the end of the story of Maria da Paz (Juliana Paes).

Success is also repeated in digital. Bruno Luperi’s adaptation was Globo’s most-watched telenovela since the launch of Globoplay in 2015. Verdades Secretas 2 is not taken into account in this parameter because it is an original product of the streaming platform.

Its digital success is also seen on social networks such as Twitter, where the soap often leads users’ most commented topics while broadcasting its chapters. Memes and figurines of the characters on WhatsApp enter the list of glories of the soap opera.

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