Urfi Javed | Uorfi Javed’s ex-paras Kalnawat finally breaks the silence over her ‘possessive, childhood flaw’

Actress Urfi Javed has been practicing since she competed in ‘Bigg Boss OTT last year. Urfi is caught on camera almost every day wearing different clothes. His clothing and fashion are always at the center of the practice. The frenzy surrounding Urfi on social media is especially visible. Her ex-boyfriend actor Pars Kalnawat opened up about Abhe Urfi.

Once upon a time Urfi and Pars loved each other. But within a short time, they have torn apart. As for the divorce, Urfi said, Pars is a very boyish person. Not only that, Pars always showed a sense of entitlement to him. The actor of ‘Anupma’ broke his silence this time about Urfi’s complaint.

In this context, Urfi’s ex-boyfriend said: “There is no bitterness towards Urfi. I dated him for six months five years ago. I had my first relationship. I was nineteen at the time. Those who know me know me well. If someone makes a comment about the law, it doesn’t matter. I have a lot of girlfriends. They all know I’ve never crossed the line.”

After this, Pars said about Urfi: “I don’t know what happened at that moment in his life. Besides, I don’t want to worry about the past anymore. I want to live the present life. But now we have politeness. Respect each other. I want advice from him. Both are fine.

There was a rumor that Pars was arguing with Urfi. In this regard, Pars said, “We don’t argue in the party. He came up to me and spoke very well. The music was so loud that we were talking loudly. And that’s where people are wrong.”

By the way, Paras starred in the popular series ‘Anupama’. Urfi claimed he would also star in that series. But Paras said he doesn’t want to work with his girlfriend. Urfi complained that he didn’t get a chance to work in that series because of his pointing finger. About Pars, Urfi said, “He’s a big boy.”

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