US foreign businessmen interested in investment in the country trade

US foreign businessmen want to invest in various sectors including information technology, renewable energy, food, housing. Recently, leaders of the Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce-USA during a meeting with the leaders of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), the top organization of businessmen and industrialists of Bangladesh, expressed such interest.

The business leaders of the two countries discussed the benefits and opportunities of investment and import-export in Bangladesh at the exchange meeting organized by FBCCI and Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce-USA at Hotel Sheraton in Washington DC, USA.

FBCCI Vice President Amin Helali, Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce-USA President Masud Chowdhury, Vice President Shawkat Ali, Treasurer Wahid Dewan, Director Mohammad Shahid, Mohammad Khan, Mohammad Rahman, Expat Businessman Raihan Chowdhury, Tarek Chowdhury, Sadman Rahman, Humayon Rashid. Nurul Amin, Tawhid Chowdhury, Jamil Chowdhury and many others attended.

Amin Helali, vice president of FBCCI, told Desh Panwar that many companies in Bangladesh are now producing sanitary products according to international standards. US home dealers can import these products after checking the quality with their engineers. Because the United States imports all kinds of materials used in the housing industry from different countries around the world. In addition, there is a great demand for various food items (commodities items) from the United States in Bangladesh.

Amin Helali said, Bangladeshi businessmen living in the United States can bring the formula and equipment of these products to our country to manufacture and market them. Because the wages of workers in Bangladesh are much lower than in the United States. We have asked foreign businessmen from Bangladesh to invest in the mother country. Bangladesh now has huge potential in the renewable energy, IT, housing and telecom sectors.

He went on to say that FBCCI is not a corporate organization. Apex body of all types of business organizations of the country. Provides policy support to traders. Works to ensure a favorable environment for business and the interests of traders.

Masud Chowdhury, president of the Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce-USA, told Desh Panwaran yesterday that we recently had a fruitful meeting with the vice president of FBCCI. We see investment potential in many sectors in Bangladesh. We will soon sign an MoU with FBCCI for this. Many foreign Bangladeshis own large super stores, shopping malls and development companies in the United States. How can they go to the country and do this business? Expect all kinds of help and advice from FBCCI in that regard.

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