Wasim Akram slammed Jai Shah for boycotting Pakistan in Asian Cup

The Rohit Sharma vs. Babar Azam fight is still hours away. However, there is increasing talk of boycotting Pakistan in the Asian Cup 2023 (Asia Cup 2023). The problem between the cricket boards of the two countries, BCCI (BCCI) and PCB (PCB) has been compounded by the fact that Team India has not set foot in the neighboring country. And this kazia, which began last October 18, has spread among former cricketers from rival countries. And so this time, Wasim Akram took his anger out on Indian Cricket Board Secretary and Asian Cricket Council Chairman Jay Shah. The photos of the face of the “Sultan of Swing” are now viral thanks to social networks.

The former Pakistani captain said on a private Pakistani channel: “PCB gave a valid answer. India cannot decide how Pakistan will play cricket. Also, cricket is back in Pakistan after 10-15 years. I am a former cricketer. As a sportsman, I don’t know much about political tensions. But it is important to stay in touch with each other. Jai Shah, if you had to say that, you could have called our board chairman Ramiz Raza earlier. could have called a meeting of the Asian Cricket Council. He could express his opinion there. It has been discussed. He also said, “Pakistan has been given the responsibility of hosting the Asian Cup by the entire Asian Cricket Council. You can’t just say we won’t play.

Speaking to reporters after the annual general meeting on Tuesday, Jai Shah, who started his second run as secretary of the board, said: “Next year’s Asian Cup could be held in a neutral country. Because the Indian team will not go to Pakistan. On Thursday, Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur also backed the statement by the board secretary. Anurag said: “The problem of not playing in Pakistan is not just for cricket. There are security issues. Therefore, the Union Home Office will make the final decision in this regard.

Unless Virat Kohli-KL Rahul travels to the rival country to play the Asian Cup, Pakistan will not come to India to play the World Cup at 50. PCB has already threatened this. Anurag also opened up about this. Said, ‘It’s a BCCI question. It will be commented on by the Indian Council. India is a land of sports that has hosted not one but several World Cups. There will also be a World Cup next year. All the teams in the world will come to play in the World Cup. Because today no one can talk about India in any case. What is the world of cricket without India? India has a huge contribution to the world of cricket. India will host the World Cup next year and it will be historic.

Since then, the words have poured in from the other side of Wagar. The PCB is also not silent. A statement was also released by the Pakistan Board. The statement drafted by the PCB reads: “The Chairman of the Asian Cricket Council, Jai Shah, issued a statement on Tuesday. There he said that next year the Asian Cup will be held at the venue. His statement surprised us. At the same time, Jai Shah’s comments are very disappointing. He did not speak with the Asian Cricket Council and the PCB before presenting his statement to reporters. Such a statement could create big problems in the future. This should be remembered.

The spirit of the Asian Cricket Council must be respected. It is better to comply with it, otherwise, Pakistan will not set foot on Indian soil to compete in the World Cup at 50 next year. Even India has several ICC events from 2024 to 2031. There is also uncertainty about participation in these events. T20 World Cup October 23 ‘Mother of all battles. Before that, BCCI and PCB got involved in huge issues off the pitch. On Tuesday, BCCI informed that India will not play the Asian Cup in Pakistan. And since then, a new controversy has begun. There is no way to stop this. Instead, words pass from both countries

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