Why Bangladesh batsman can’t hit a six in this world cup?

Of course, this is not the case. However, since the darkness is more concentrated in the light of the lamp, the story of the few six Bangladeshi cricketers is also dismal. Especially in this modern cricket Especially in T20 That day Naseem Shah, who is basically a bowler, just 19 years old, also hit two sixes in front of 11 runs needed from 6 balls. Inevitably Effortlessly Pakistan won against Afghanistan In the same situation, could someone from Bangladesh snatch Joysurya from the sky of the opponent like this? What if he was a complete drummer?

The reflection of the answer in the mirror to this question is the true reflection of Bangladesh cricket. It’s not just a matter of words that Bangladesh can’t reach the six It’s customary to check on the hard rock of stats Don’t take that from the last T20 World Cup! In that time, Bangladesh played 20 full games in the twenty-twenty format with 70 sixes. That is to say, an average of 3.5 limits exceeded per round

As it may seem, the number is not bad at all But if we compare it with other countries, then?

During this exact period, i.e. since the last T20 World Cup, Indian batsmen have hit 223 sixes in 33 matches. 7.75 per set West Indies had 202 six in 26 matches; 7.76 per inning Pakistan hit the ball over the border 102 times in 17 innings at an average of six sixes per game. 125 sixes in England’s 17 games; Average 7.35 Even Afghanistan has managed 105 sixes in 20 matches; Average of 5.25 points per round Why this miserable situation? Long-time cricket coach Nazmul Abedin Fahim has many reasons for this: “We don’t play very aggressive cricket at home. I scored 130-135 runs in T20 I also score 250-260 runs in 50 cricket Suddenly, I am behind on the mental aspect of the game by killing the batsmen.

He also sees problems in cricket coaching. The straight play, V play, best hand play But hitting six takes both hands, bottom hand also needs input So this thing is not in our batsman’s learning It can’t be changed anymore late. Fahim claims that this culture of cricket also holds back cricketers in terms of hitting sixes. Encouragement is given And if someone comes out playing aggressively they are discouraged If you come out hitting six they say who said hit? This culture is in us That’s why cricketers play less risky shots But it can’t be that hard to kill six people out of so many in Bangladesh It’s never possible.”

One thing is often heard by national team cricketers and team management Bangladesh cricketers are not capable of hitting six due to their physical structure. BKSP cricket consultant Fahim refused to accept it, “Physical strength is important, isn’t it.” But that’s not the last thing There are many cricketers in many countries, who may be a little behind us physically But can play big shots We have it too Like Roni Talukder “He can kill six at any time.”

So why is this question of physical strength being put forward? What’s it like to cover up their own inefficiency by hitting sixes? In response to this question, Fahim fired student Shakib Al Hasan, “They believe it is not possible for them to reach six.” Thinking, physically they’re strong and we’re weak so we can’t I give the example of Shakib he hit six in the last BPL you’ll see in previous games that9 out of 10 hits were caught on the line of demarcation. But he hit a big six in BPL Shakib got it after practice He trained differently I think we have a technical problem with hitting six Again there is a problem with the ‘intention.

But there was someone like Mohammad Rafiq in the previous generation of Bangladesh cricket Who could get the crowd dancing in the six-point dance That too in the pre-T20 era Rafiq gave the coaches a big responsibility not to happen now, “The most important thing is, what are the coaches doing about this issue?” You have to work with this technique But I think this place is empty.

Putting physical strength first seems like an excuse for Rafiq, “Those who say that, they’re talking like ‘non-cricketers’.” He is memorized by them Said something.” He also put the foreign coaches on the table, “This technique (of hitting six) needs to be worked on.” Apart from Gordon Greenidge, I haven’t seen any other coach from Bangladesh working with that kind of technique Gordon used to tell us everything, see how you can get to the big six Coaches today don’t do that They say, play straight, play basic T20 ain’t played in this basic cricket we also see our players hitting the bases to please the coach These basic messics don’t work.

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