With an impressive light show, they presented the plane that will bring the Argentine illusion to the World Cup in Qatar

With an impressive light show, the plane is ready to take Messi and company

Less than two months before the start of the Qatar World Cup, the expectation is increasing every moment. That’s why they presented the past hours at the international airport of Ezeiza the plane that will transport the Argentine hope to the Gulf country in search of its maximum target.

The initiative of Argentine Airlines, the Argentine Football Federation (AFA) and Fiscal Oilfields (YPF), the plane of the illusion has a special plot, in which the national colors and the images of the players who will represent the country stand out. The event took place in Hangar 5 of the national airline, in a ceremony attended by figures from the sports world, the media, influencers and authorities, together with business leaders Adidas Yes Schneiderloss sponsor Selection of officials.

The evening was also attended by Pablo Cerianic (Chairman of Aerolineas Argentinas); the head of the AFA, Claudio “Chiqui” TapiaYes Santiago Carreras, YPF Institutional Affairs and Communications Manager. The encounter with the mystique of the World Cup revealed the image of the aircraft that will accompany Lionel Messi and company to Qatar under the slogan One team, one country, one dream.

It’s an airplane Airbus 330-200 with registration LV-FVHwhich was specially plotted with images of the stars of the scaloneta, with a picture of Leonel Messi in the tail of the plane. Also the torso wears the jacket albiceleste What will the team wear? Qatar 2022.

The work on the aircraft was carried out with lacquered vinyl according to the safety standards set by the aircraft manufacturer. In total they are 350 square meters of aviation plot. “We are proud that our national airline is joining us in this new challenge that represents the World Cup. I also want to thank everyone sponsor who contributed their grain of sand to have that beautiful plane. East Airbus 330-200 It will carry the illusions and good wishes of all Argentinians around the world,” said the head of the Viamonte street entity.

While, Cerianic pointed out that “the World Cup is an excellent opportunity to wear the brand” Argentine Airlines not just for Qatar but for everyone.” “In this way, we gain visibility to further grow as a company and open the door to new markets. Starting tomorrow, this aircraft will travel through the air from all our international destinations. It is without doubt one of the most important advertising campaigns from our management,” he added.

For his part, Santiago Carreras He noted that “from YPF there is an alliance with AFA that allows us to accompany every championship.” “We are looking forward to the World Cup. This plane that will carry fuel from our company also means the energy of a country that accompanies the national team and represents the passion of all Argentine men and women,” he concluded.

last July, Argentine Airlines and the Argentine Football Association signed an agreement whereby the airline became a digital sponsor. The aircraft will be one of those responsible for operating flights to: Doha. Based on the planned scheduleThe first flight departs at 3:25 PM from Ministro Pistarini Airport.and makes a stop at RomeItaly, to arrive in the capital of Qatar Bee 17.05 local time, with an estimated duration of 7 pm.

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