Zimbabwe played better than us: Tamim Iqbal

After T20, visiting Bangladesh also lost the three-game ODI series to Zimbabwe by 2-1. Bangladesh’s loss in the ODI series surprised the world. Because Bangladesh has won in the last five ODI series. Among them, the Tigers have also won a series against Sri Lanka, South Africa, and the West Indies. Besides, Bangladesh sits second in the Super League World Cup points table, leaving behind the big teams of the world. In this situation, the loss against Zimbabwe, the 15th team in the ICC ODI ranking, is surprising.

While explaining the series loss, Bangladesh ODI captain Tamim Iqbal said there can be no excuse for such a loss. Zimbabwe played better than us. Bangladesh lost the first two matches of the ODI series by 5 wickets. And last night the Tigers were able to avoid a series daub by winning the third and final ODI of the series against Zimbabwe by a hefty margin of 105 points. After the game, Tamim said, “There’s no doubt about it, we should have won the series. I can’t make excuses here.

We have not exploited our potential. Zimbabwe was better than us. We must pay tribute to them. Tamim thinks there would have been no such talk or criticism had they lost to India-Australia or any top team. He said: “When we talk about progress, the same thing comes back. If you lose, they say it should be done, it should be done. Now, you may or may not like what I’m about to say.

But if you think about it, the way we lost this series, if we had lost to India or Australia or one of the top teams, there would have been no such question, and nothing would have happened. past. Maybe we saw it, we would have accepted if Virat Kohli or Steven Smith played such a round.’

Tamim also said, “The way Chakava struck in the first two games with Raja and Kaia in the other proved that we need to improve a lot in ODI cricket. Without putting them down. They played incredibly well. But I can say of our team that we still have a lot to improve. If they do it, others can do it with us. We have a series in Ireland, they can do that too. This is a lesson for all of us.

Although they scored 300 points in the first game, the Bangladesh team did not score 300 points in the next two games. However, Tamim’s target is to score 350 runs in ODI. He said: “Obviously one of our team’s goals is to score 350 points in the future. That’s in our thoughts, we want to do three and a half hundred of them which we’ve never been able to do before. I’m not saying I will do it in the next game, but we have set that goal.

Tamim also said: “If we think of the World Cup to be held in India, the score will be almost 300. It is possible to win by 260-270 in Mirpur or in some fields in India. But in most halls, 290, 300, and 310 runs have to be done like this. We realize that. I’m sure in the next few days you’ll see us reach where others are going.

In the third and final match, Bangladesh avoided a shutout against Zimbabwe due to Afif Hossain’s batting strength. Afif played an excellent inning of 85 runs on 81 balls. So Tamim praised Afif, ‘He has special qualities, which few people have. When he came at bat in the second and third games, we were under pressure and he took control of the game. He also said, “Don’t give Afif any title now, it would be hasty to give a title now.” These players often end up doing the same thing and walk out. I don’t want it to lose its quality. Let him beat as he wants. This is now the start of his career. I hope it will be a great career.

Tamim scored 131 runs with 2 half-centuries in the ODI series. After starting the innings brilliantly with the bat, Tamim quit after half a century. which could not be converted in a century. Tamim is therefore not at all happy with his batting performance.

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